Tool Shop

The division Tool Shop designs and produces forming tools for lightweight components. Through our process know-how for the reshaping of steel and aluminum we can assist significantly for the component design. The tool shop covers the entire process chain from methods planning, prototype production up to the final adjustment of serial tools.

Blanking Dies

We produce blanking dies which can be adapted specifically to the requirements of series production tools. To this purpose, we calculate cutting lines and hole positions- we also find the best solution for your requirements.


BENTELER Mechanical Engineering specialise in the construction of tools for the production of bent tubes from flat blanks and in tools for heat treatment of tubes.

Semi Hot Forming

Semi hot forming allows the production of components with geometries and degrees of complexity which cannot be realised in a single work process by other forming methods. So you are able to benefit from low investment and component costs. Semi hot forming combines the benefits of hot forming and cold forming and enables a higher level of accuracy. We support you with your individually required tool.

Hot forming Tool

Since more than 15 years, our tool shop designs and builds hot forming tools for car body and lightweight components. More than 300 hot forming tools for 35 sites of BENTELER Automotive all over the world have already been developed and delivered. We ensure our high quality standards by means of hardness and tensile tests, measurement reports for components and tools as well as thermographic examinations. Based on our many years of experience we offer tools of lightweight automotive components for your requirements.

Cold Forming

Our tool shop produces tools for sheet metal forming as single or multi-station dies. The largest tools have lengths of up to 4500 mm and total weights of up to 35 tons. Starting with the development process, we evaluate the producibility of components, profiting from our extensive know-how and our experience of many years. So you receive precisely what you actually need. With our long experience we support you with our tools for the manufacture of precision parts.

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