We offer you the best joining solution for your product. Our planning team will be pleased to give advice to you in the selection of the fitting process and the appropriate plant structure. In cooperation with our customers, we develop the final production concept.

If you need machines and equipment for spot welding or projection welding, we are always the right partner. We do not only pay attention to the optimal use of the appropriate welding equipment, we also supply all devices for feeding and positioning of the individual parts from a single source. Tell us your requirement; we will realize your solution.

Arc welding for chassis components is also a special strength of BENTELER Mechanical Engineering. From our own production, we know not only the requirements for the component, but also the requirements for a user-friendly and low-maintenance concept solution. Our welding systems can be used as single cell, or can be integrated into complex production lines. Those system components, which we do not manufacture ourselves (eg washing machines for the preparation of individual parts) are integrated into the overall control and logistics concept. At the end you just have one contact for a complete production line. Particularly cost-effective solutions can be found in the BENTELER Turntable Cell (BTC), which we continually develop with a special view to flexibility, ease-of-use and low maintenance costs. Even the transportation, buildup and set up into operation of the BTC at the final destination reflect our lean and efficient philosophy of flexible machines. In all our systems, we never lose the sight of our high demands on operator safety. Thanks to refined detail solutions, these welding cells can be quickly converted and can be used for different products

The BENTELER Laser technology allows welding materials with high melting temperature as well as high thermal conductivity. Because of the small melt and the short, controllable melting time, it can even connect materials that could not be welded with conventional methods before. It is mainly used for different components which have to be joined with high welding speed, narrow and slender weld seam shape (visible seams) and with low thermal distortion. We also provide solutions for these requirements: a laser staple welding cell for fuel rails. The special challenge are the fixtures which have to position the fragile individual parts extremely exactly and repeatable.

Bonding is also gaining importance in the automotive industry. Especially, since composites have supplemented the existing conventional materials such as steel and aluminum. The advantage of glueing enables the automotive industry to new design options and production processes getting more efficient. We have an example in which threaded bolts are applied to structural components made of CFK (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). What requirements can we implement for you?

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