Welded to the spot

Bielefeld/Liberec, 23.10.2019. Lightweight construction is one of the trend topics in the automotive industry. Despite a reduction in weight, the load-bearing capacity of the components must always be guaranteed. This is where our spot- welding cell comes in. It reinforces basic blanks with lighter additional single panels - so-called patches. In this way, we reduce the overall weight and offer consistent safety.

The special feature of our innovative patch cell: When changing products, only a few plates need to be replaced. This makes it possible to react more flexibly to individual customer requirements.

Everything from a single source

The joined panels are then heated in a roller hearth furnace for hot forming. BENTELER also provides full customer support with different cell configurations, roller hearth furnaces for subsequent hot forming of panels, as well as automation and press tools. Individually tailored to our customers’ needs.

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