Hot forming know-how from experience

Our customers in the automotive sector will have to implement significant reductions in COemissions in the coming years. We are supporting them in this effort with our hot forming technology.

For the production of efficient vehicle components, which help to reduce emissions resulting from mobility, the automotive industry are increasingly turning on hot forming to produce high-strengh components. For example A-pillar, B-pillar, side impact beams, panel, frame section, bumper as well as crossmember and side member become safer and more lightweight. The direct relevance of the installed components to the safety of vehicle occupants demands the highest quality. BENTELER Mechanical Engineering is one of the leading plant engineering companies for hot forming lines. For achieving that quality, we offer you in addition to our furnaces, automation solutions for the loading and unloading process. Our customers have the possibility to choose between robots, feeder and portal solutions.

Our extensive hot forming know-how is based on in-house process and production know-how. Through our many years of experience by the global use of our self build equipment in our own plants, we can offer fully operational products to all customers.

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